Stephanie Langton
Stephanie Langton

In early 2009 Stephanie Langton finished her doctoral thesis in History at the University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK. She has written many academic reports and documents, and has even produced research work for the High Court of Chancery, London, UK. Today she works as a freelancer English editor and proofreader.

2006 – 2007 she was Specialist Adviser/Researcher to the High Court of Chancery, London, UK. She was retained as a specialist adviser to the expert witness in a case in the High Court of Chancery, UK relating to the survival of property rights from the 16th century to the present. She was responsible for research in local and national archives and libraries throughout the UK and for producing a final report on material available.

2002 - 2003 she was Researcher, Coordinator and Principal Author at University of Alberta Senate Office, Edmonton, Canada. She was responsible for leading a committee on the organization, direction and research on health and wellness and for producing the final report published in 2003.

2002 - 3003 she was Researcher at Grant MacEwan College, Edmonton, Canada. Responsible for leading research initiatives on a variety of student issues within municipal, provincial and national levels. Responsible for creating, organizing and overseeing projects and survey analysis relating to education and social demographics. Participant and collaborator on joint committees with other post-secondary institutions at the national level, known as CASA (Canadian Alliance of Student Associations).

In 2000 Stephanie was Research Assistant at University of Alberta, Department of Ukrainian Studies, Edmonton, Canada, where she assisted the Director of the Stasiuk Program for the study of Contemporary Ukraine, the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies.

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