Kate Northrop

100% software-free translation: Kate never uses translation programs. This ensures a natural flow of language and thoughtful word choice. Her goal is to create such a smooth transition between languages that readers will forget they are reading a translation.

Specialization: Kate only offers the translation of creative works from German to US English. This means she is particularly focused on creative language use, and has extensive experience in interpreting German turns of phrase.

Adaptation for cultural differences: Because Kate has lived in both the USA and Europe, she is able to pinpoint cultural differences which may have an effect on the interpretation of a story. In collaboration with the author, her aim is to adapt these differences in order to make the book more successful for the US market.

Kate is a native US-English speaker from Connecticut. Her travels brought her to the German-speaking part of Switzerland, where she has been living since 1994 with her Swiss husband and their two bilingual children. She has been working as a freelance translator for over 15 years, with recent focus on literary translation. She works with both authors and publishers, and has numerous published works. See what readers are saying about her translations here. Kate is also a professional lyricist, and has songs published on major labels (Universal, EMI, etc.). This gives her a good feeling for pop culture, and is a good prerequisite for translating modern fiction with cutting-edge linguistic style.

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